We are the small business owner’s knight in shining armour.

                             Johan du Preez

                            Johan du Preez

No, we're not the all-in-one super hero that you are. But, we can be your creative champion to take care of those often neglected writing requirements of your business, giving you extra time to attend to other important issues.

We have proven writing, marketing and public relations skills, supported by solid business experience to:

  • Create or revive your website content to make sure that it really works for your business.

  • Write the content for your online marketing campaign (website, Facebook, Twitter, blog and electronic newsletters).

  • Write the copy for your marketing, public relations and media campaigns.

  • Compose or edit those important business documents.

  • Pin down in user-friendly language the content of your product manuals and user guides.

  • Do translations: English - Afrikaans and Afrikaans - English.

The benefits:  

  • You will have more time to attend to other important business issues.

  • Saving money. With us on board you do not have to appoint a full-time writer.

  • An increase in the visibility of your business.

  • Building your brand.

  • More business enquiries.

  • Making more money.

We have coal face experience

We have been crafting business communication for more than 20 years while employed in marketing and public relations portfolios at small to medium size companies such as yours. We are aware of the challenges that you as business owner face and we understand the marketing needs of businesses.  We have contributed to grow the brands and brand awareness of the businesses that we worked for to new, higher levels. We're problem solvers when it comes to content writing and marketing requirements.

More about us

  • My name is Johan du Preez.
  • We write in English and Afrikaans.
  • Our base and primary work area is Stellenbosch (South Africa) and neighbouring towns. However, we can offer a service as far as telephone calls and electronic correspondence reach.
  • We have more than 20 years’ of hands-on experience in and a thorough understanding of industry in general and especially business to business and business to consumer marketing activities. We've gained this while being the marketing manager for companies such as Rhomberg-Brasler, Rhomberg Electronics & Instrumentation and Econo-Heat in Cape Town.
  • we are well-trained for the writing job, having successfully completed the following writing related courses:
    • Copywriting for Online Marketing

    • Creative Writing

    • Feature Writing

    • Writing Non-Fiction

  • The above means that you get someone who understands the environment in which your business operates and who offers more than merely writing and completing your business writing assignment. After all, we are a Jack of all trades and a master of NINE.

  • We offer an extended service through our network of skilled partners in services such as proof-reading, translations and website design.

  • And when it comes to working with you, you will find that we listen in detail and ask appropriate questions. We're not talkers and do not waste time speaking unnecessarily. This helps us to get to know you faster, to understand your requirements better… and to get on with the job sooner.

  • We approach and present our work in a structured manner and make the turnaround time as short as possible. We do not hesitate to walk the extra mile, if necessary. After all, in a way we become part of your team with the responsibilities that go with it while writing for you.

  • And, finally, do not feel overwhelmed. We are affordable!

Some of our clients

360° Swim School | Alchemy-A | Blue Cube Systems | Binguard | BrightArk | Courier Dynamix | Die Burger – By | Econo-Heat Energy Efficient Appliances | Eikestadnuus | Farm Wars the Game | HKM Logisticks | ITBlue | ITBlue | Laureate Private Resorts | Liberty | Mennen Attorneys | Mezzanine | Musikhaus W Heuer | Ndalo Media | OppiePlaas Haga Haga Wedding and Function Venue, Pub and Restaurant | Pam Golding Property Management Services | Partners Hair Design | Perfect English Training Schools | Retief Krige Industrial Designers | | RPS International | SA Motorcycle Adventures | The Daily Café Group | Uniting Christian Student Association of SA | Vital Foundation | Volunteer Wildfire Services | Wagner Systems | Welgevonden Home Owners Association

Examples of our work

Visit our Articles Page on this website to see examples of creative writing that we've done. (Unfortunately we're not at liberty to publish examples of proprietary business related work that we are doing or have done before.) You can also visit our Links Page for other reading of a general nature.

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