This article by Johan du Preez is part of a series on innovative businesses in Stellenbosch’s Techno Park, which appeared in the Stellenbosch newspaper, Eikestadnuus.

“Stellenbosch has remarkable businesses. We would like to see ourselves as being one of them, more so because of our association with them.”

Chris Hadjiyannis, spokesperson for Adept in Stellenbosch’s Techno Park, makes it clear that conducting business in the connectivity and data related services industry, is a two-way street. Providing clients with services means that Adept becomes an extension of their clients’ businesses, a responsibility which requires a thorough understanding, close cooperation and total commitment from both parties.

Adept associates strongly with Stellenbosch as it started to provide internet connectivity services as early as 1996 at the dawn of the internet era. “Today our business is much more than connectivity,” says Chris. “As a fully-fledged service provider we offer the complete spectrum of information and communications technology, including custom solutions, to our clients.”

What differentiates Adept as a business? According to Chris they excel as a result of their responsiveness, the way that they refine their capabilities and the manner in which they present their clients with the right solutions. “Holding ourselves to the highest principles of Treating Customers Fairly, we are adamant that we approach each situation with the smart, flexible and personal approach it deserves.” says Chris. 

Treating customers fairly also means that Adept supports community-based groups in Stellenbosch. In this regard they offer their services for free to organisations such as the Stellenbosch Night Shelter and Horizon House, amongst others. Their staff is also actively involved in other community projects, fundraising drives and awareness initiatives. 

I was expecting that I would be flooded with tech-related concepts during the interview. Not so. What echoed in my mind was Chris’s response to my question on memorable moments for the business: “Our most memorable moments are people-based and not necessarily about material values. We have educated many individuals over the years. We’ve employed people directly out of school and mentored them through their tertiary education while working with us, some who are now in senior positions in industry. We’ve seen employees meet their spouses, get married and start families. These, to us, are the greatest moments. We love making Adept the place where amazing people want to work.”  

When we concluded, I could understand why Chris stated that their business and the companies that they associate with are exceptional. But having met the energetic and vibrant Adept employee team, I had no option but to concur.