Three reasons why you should hire a business writer:

1. To make sure that your website really works for you.

Is the content of your website  search engine optimised (SEO)? Does the essence actually touch the readers’ hearts so that they instinctively reach into their pockets to buy from you? Your website should modify reader behaviour in your favour with a story that punches them right in the belly. If this is not true for you, then it’s time to hire a business writer to produce that punch. After all, your website is your shop window where you should sell the sizzle and not the steak.

2. To run your online content marketing campaign.

How effective does your marketing message integrate across your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and electronic newsletter platforms? Are you actually running such a marketing campaign? No? And your competition? If yes, then they have a head start, creating sales by cleverly using internet and social media marketing power. Content marketing is not about window dressing. It brings in the money. Hire a business writer to handle it for you.

3. To write those important business documents.

You may think that you do not require this service. However, a fresh mind and a second set of eyes will help to make sure that your documents contain the required punch. Hire a business writer. Perhaps you want to make sure that your brochures and product manuals stand out for good reasons. Hire a business writer to write the content in an easy to understand manner. User-friendly user manuals can only make your business stand out above the rest.

Do you as business owner really have the time to write professional copy for your business?

Appoint a business writer to:

  • Free you up to attend to other important business issues
  • Ensure professional content for your electronic and print communication
  • Generate income through a carefully planned and executed content marketing campaign  

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