This article by Johan du Preez is part of a series on innovative businesses in Stellenbosch’s Techno Park, which appeared in the Stellenbosch newspaper, Eikestadnuus.

“We’re a content marketing business focusing on community-based business organizations,” says Craig Thomson from RetailTribe in Stellenbosch’s Techno Park.

According to Thomson, content marketing is a specific form of marketing that businesses use to communicate with their customers via electronic media without advertising or trying to sell something to them. Instead of pitching their products or services, these businesses deliver information of value to their customers on an on-going basis. By consistently providing beneficial information, customers start to view them as experts and will ultimately become loyal and start supporting them.

RetailTribe provides such content marketing services specifically to the golfing fraternity and to independent health and fitness businesses. They design and manage suitable content marketing campaigns to create more activity, more participation, greater loyalty and improved financial health within these business communities.  

In golf RetailTribe offers a service to the PGA Professionals in the industry. These are qualified and accredited individuals who provide coaching and who assist with customizing golf equipment for individual golfers to improve their game. RetailTribe’s content marketing campaigns specific to this group aim to expand the PGA Professional’s customer base and to generate loyalty so that, in the end, more golfers will make use of their services and play more golf.

These campaigns also support golfing facilities such as golf clubs, as it aims to inspire more golfers to want to play, to improve their golf and to play more frequently. This leads to increased sales in Pro Shops and to creating new and promoting existing golf events. It results in higher financial turnover for the golfing facility and strengthening of the relationship between the PGA Professional, the golfing facility and the golfer.

Over the past 10 years RetailTribe has managed to increase golfing activity, participation and retail sales at over 1100 golf clubs in South Africa, the USA, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. “Yet, this is only the beginning,” says Thomson. The enormity of the market becomes clear when he explains that their aim of capturing a mere 10% of the American market would mean adding 2500 facilities and PGA Professionals to their business.

It might be surprising to find a content marketing business in the innovative Techno Park environment. However, looking at the inventive nature of RetailTribe’s business, it becomes clear why they’ve settled locally. And having experienced their passion while interviewing them, it’s easy to understand why they’re so successful globally.


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