We offer content writing services with a focus on marketing content and business-related communication for small to medium enterprises in and around Cape Town.


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The small business owner's predicament

Has running your business become such a full-time routine that you do not have the time to write the important marketing content to  actually grow your business?

If so, then it’s time to call in reinforcements.

We can write your business content for you!

Four reasons to use us
  1. We’ll ensure that you convey appropriate, accurate and professional marketing content in your company’s electronic and print communication.
  2. We’ll do it as part of a consistent, systematic and ongoing routine.
  3. We’ll help to grow your business and to generate additional income through a carefully planned and executed content marketing campaign.
  4. We’ll free you up to attend to other important business issues while doing what we do best – writing for and promoting your your business!
It's time to become a publisher!

Social media and content marketing – these modern-day phenomena have forever changed the marketing landscape in the business arena. Business owners who embrace the combined benefits that these two means have to offer, can expect an exponential surge in their marketing results … and at a fraction of traditional marketing costs!

But to do so, you will have to start writing about your business. Even more important, you will have to position the business as a publisher first, irrespective of its primary function.

And this is where we can help!  


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues.
(Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Our arsenal to help build your brand

1. Content marketing

We will write the content for your content marketing campaign, website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram account and electronic newsletters.

2. Public relations

We will compose your media releases and other media content to convey the desired information in a professional manner.

3. Marketing

We will create the copy for your marketing instruments such as advertisements and corporate and product brochures.

4. Business content

We will compile or edit business-related documents for internal and external use, such as submissions, business plans and proposals.

5. Technical

We’re able to pin down the content of (often technical) publications such as product manuals and user guides in user-friendly and understandable idiom.

6. Free! Advice and support

Want to bounce your ideas or discuss your content marketing campaign with us? Why not! Let’s meet and pool our thoughts! (The coffee is on us!)

About us

We are the small business owner’s knight in shining armour!

Although we’ll never be that all-in-one super hero that you as business owner are, we can still be your creative champion to take care of your business’s often neglected writing requirements, giving you extra time to attend to other important issues.

We have proven writing, marketing and public relations skills, supported by solid business experience to:

  • Create or revive your website content to make sure that it really works for your business.
  • Write the content for your online marketing campaign (website, Facebook, Instagram, blog and electronic newsletters).
  • Compose or edit important business documents.
  • Compile the copy for your marketing, public relations and media campaigns.
  • Pin down in user-friendly idiom the content of your product manuals and user guides.
  • Do translations: English – Afrikaans and Afrikaans – English.

The benefits for you:

Saving money. With us on board you do not have to appoint a full-time writer.

More time available to attend to other important business issues.

An increase in the visibility of your business.

Building your company’s brand.

More business enquiries.

Making more money.

Coal face experience

We have been crafting business communication for more than 25 years while employed in marketing and public relations portfolios at small to medium sized companies such as yours. We are aware of the challenges that you as business owner face and we understand the marketing needs of businesses. We have contributed to grow the brands and brand awareness of the companies that we worked for to new, higher levels. We’re problem solvers when it comes to content writing, marketing requirements and public relations.

More about Business Writing and its owner Johan du Preez

  • We do creative writing in English and Afrikaans.
  • Our base and primary area of work is Stellenbosch (South Africa) and its neighbouring towns. However, we are able to offer our services as far as telephone calls and electronic correspondence can reach.
  • We have more than 25 years’ of hands-on experience in and a thorough understanding of industry in general, and especially business to business and business to consumer marketing activities. We’ve gained this while being appointed as the marketing manager for companies such as Rhomberg-Brasler, Rhomberg Electronics & Instrumentation and Econo-Heat in Cape Town.
  • We are well-trained for the writing job, having successfully completed the following Writing related courses: Copy writing for Online Marketing | Creative Writing | Feature Writing | Writing Non-Fiction.
  • The above means that you get someone who understands the environment in which your business operates and who offers more than merely a writing service and completing content writing assignments. After all, in our line of work we see ourselves as a Jack of all trades and a master of NINE!
  • When working with you, you will find that we listen in detail and ask appropriate questions. We’re not talkers and do not waste time conversing unnecessarily. This helps us to get to know you faster, to understand your requirements better… and to get on with the job sooner.
  • We approach and present our work in a structured manner and make the turnaround time as short as possible. We do not hesitate to walk the extra mile to add even more value. After all, in a way we become a part of your team with the responsibilities that go with it while writing for you.
  • And, finally, do not feel overwhelmed. We are affordable!
Some of our copywriting assignments

(Please click on the links below to view the examples.)

Our clients

Alchemy-A | African Drone Solutions | AfriRoast Coffee Roasters | Blue Cube Systems | Binguard | Courier Dynamix | Die Burger – By | Eikestadnuus | Farm Wars, the Game | Gamka-Colab | HKM Logisticks | ITBlue | Karroo Theatrical Hotel | Laureate Private Resorts | Lize-Jeanne Biokineticist | Mennen Attorneys | Mezzanine | Musikhaus W Heuer | Ndalo Media | OppiePlaas Haga Haga Wedding and Function Venue, Pub and Restaurant | Pam Golding Property Management Services | Partners Hair Design | Perfect English Training Schools | Rheinmetall Laingsdale | RK Industrial Design | ROOT Architecture | RPS International | SA Motorcycle Adventures | Sancus Realty | The Health Food Group | The Daily Coffee Group | Uniting Christian Student Association of SA | Vital Foundation | Volunteer Wildfire Services | Wagner Systems | Welgevonden Home Owners Association

Fivestar PR

Fivestar PR

Janie M van der Spuy

Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel gave us the media release that you’ve written for them on the recent awards that they’ve received. We’ve assisted them with the distribution to the media. I wish to compliment you. It is seldom that we receive copy that had been written in such a nice manner and without any faults in it! Thank you for that!

Glovent Media

Glovent Media

Lydia Stander, Publications Manager

Thank you very much for your wonderful submission. It’s the most professional content document I’ve received from any client thus far for publication - absolute pleasure to work from.

N. Botha

N. Botha


Wrapping up I would like to thank you for this opportunity. It was such a wonderful experience to have had such a good conversation with you, Johan, and then see it turn into this amazing article. You have a gift for writing and I'm so pleased to have had this opportunity to work with you.

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