We do copywriting – with a focus on marketing content and business-related communication – for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The predicament of the small business owner

Small business owners are often so busy running their businesses, that they do not get around to writing
marketing content to grow their businesses.

If you are in this corner, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Let us write the content for you!

Your knight in shining armour!

As a copywriter, we will never be the superhero you as the business owner are. However, we can be your brave knight and creative champion. We will take care of those often neglected copywriting requirements, and raise the bar as far as your company’s written word goes. This offers peace of mind and gives you extra time to attend to other important business matters.

We have an arsenal of proven writing, marketing, and public relations skills, supported by solid business experience, to help build your brand. 

We create or revive your website copy to make sure it really works for your business.

We compile professional copy for your marketing, public relations and media campaigns.

We write the copy for your online content marketing campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, blog and electronic newsletters).

We compose or edit important business documents such as business plans, proposals and other submissions.

We pin down the content for your product manuals and user guides – often of a highly technical nature – in a reader-friendly and understandable idiom.

We do translations (English-Afrikaans and Afrikaans-English).

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act. It is a habit.”
— Aristotle

5 Reasons to use us

Qualified to do the job

The writing style for each copywriting assignment is determined by the target audience, the desired theme, and the message to be communicated. We have the skills to compose content in a style and manner which will best impact on the intended reader. We, furthermore, ensure we stay abreast of marketing trends and copywriting requirements. This especially applies to content marketing and writing for the electronic media. Having successfully completed a range of writing-related courses – amongst other, copywriting for online marketing, creative writing, feature writing, and writing non-fiction – furthermore underlines the fact that we are equipped to do the job … and do it well. We write in English and Afrikaans.

Coalface experience

We’ve been writing copy for marketing and business communication for more than 25 years. This was while we were employed in marketing and public relations portfolios in small and medium-sized companies such as yours. We are aware of the challenges you as a business owner face, and we understand the creative writing and marketing needs of businesses, whether in manufacturing, retail or service industries. Through focused marketing campaigns at the time (which included copywriting – sometimes of a technical nature), we contributed to grow the brand and brand awareness of the companies we worked for, and we’ve seen the value proper branding and sound content hold for companies. Until today we nurture a company’s brand when we work for them, and write content which integrates well with what already exists.    

Understanding your business

When we work with you, we listen in detail, ask questions that are relevant, and remain focussed without wasting time. This helps us to get to know your business faster, understand your requirements better, and to start with the job sooner. But, we do not only ensure we understand what you do and expect from us. The insight that we gain into your business allows us to contribute much more than merely copywriting. We see ourselves as part of your team while writing for you. This enables us to add value when there is an opportunity to do so, based on our own business and industry experience. With us, it is almost like getting new energy into your business, but without having to offer an employment contract!

Contributing to the bottom line

With us on board, you’ll be able to tick off the indispensable function of copywriting for your business. This means one thing less for you to attend to. Furthermore, by promoting your business with suitable content, we’ll increase its visibility, build the brand, and create more business enquiries. This, in the end, means making more money. But to do so, we’ll have to start writing. Even more important, we must position your business as a publisher of content, irrespective of its primary function. This is where we will be playing our part. 


Easy on the pocket … also saving you money

We can understand if, after reading this, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. “This will be expensive,” you probably think. 

But do not despair. You can afford us! Not only are our rates competitive, but the value we add gives you an even better deal for what you pay for. Furthermore, with us at hand you only use our services on demand. No need to employ a full-time writer (whom you must supervise and keep busy), thereby saving you even more money

“When people write for their own business, they tend to write from their own perspective, creating informative text listing the business’s qualities, rather than persuasive text that shows their potential clients that you understand their needs and have the solution. A skilled copywriter is as vital for getting your message to your market as a talented designer.” – Leith Reid, copywriter/creative


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